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Green Meetings

Eco-friendly meetings in the Kongress Palais Kassel

Ecological awareness is becoming more and more of an issue and plays a key role in everyday life.  "Green Meeting" has been shaping entrepreneurial thoughts and actions for a long time now. It is helping to create requirements and obligations for sustainability – ideas that apply across the industries.

In 2009, the Kongress Palais Kassel was the first conference centre in Germany to be certified with one of the leading environmental labels – the Green Globe – and, as such, has taken on a pioneer status for other event venues in the country. As far as the Kongress Palais Kassel and Kassel Marketing GmbH are concerned, factors such as economic success, ecological sense and social responsibility continue to apply. For us, sustainability means developing a long-term strategy in order to set an ecological standard and, in doing so, to act responsibly.

We have summarised our know-how and our commitment and compiled recommendations for action, which make it easier for event organisers and participants to contribute to the achievement of an eco-friendly event.

We are happy to discuss the topic of "Green Meeting" with you personally and to incorporate and implement the concept into your event at no extra charge. Just get in touch.


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Green Meetings in Kongress Palais Kassel

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Green Globe information

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